Teeter Totter
June 4, 2018

Painted Ladies

I breathe in through my nose and count to ten
How this helps I really do not know
I breathe out through my mouth and start again
When will my confusion start to go

Should I buy that house or should I wait
They say this bubble one day soon will pop
I worry that I'm already too late
The tremors in the market need to stop

I breathe in through my nose and try to center
And block out what I watched on CNN
What is this new phase that we now enter?
Will we see the light of day again?

I see the bridge that spans the golden gate
I see the prison stranded in the bay
The unseen but the real tectonic plate
The mega metaphor of our today

When Tony sings about our lovely city
How he left his heart here long ago
I wonder if he found another pretty
A newer place his heart would come to know

Still I love the ringing trolley bells
The painted ladies perched along the hill
The way the perfumed eucalyptus smells
In the early morn when all is still.

My legs have gone to sleep from this position
I'm not as limber as I used to be
I hold off on that real estate decision
Instead I'll play the game of Wait And See.

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